July 05, 2012

Love the new furniture!

Last year we were finally able to buy a new couch and recliner!  It has been heavenly compared to our other furniture.  We've gone through different ones over the years, a lot of hand me downs, but that's to be expected the first few years of marriage right?  New furniture is expensive and not something you can buy on a whim, at least we wouldn't.  So last year we were stoked to buy our first brand new set!  I'm a little bummed now though because I think they're we need to repair leather on the recliner.  Maybe not the leather itself but part of the stitching has come out and I'm not sure I can fix it myself.  I'm hoping if I call the store someone there will be able to do it?  I don't mind paying to have it done as long as it's done right.  If they can't, I'll have to call around for an upholster to do it.  I want these to last a long time!

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