July 05, 2012

All the fires

I'm not sure exactly, but it feels like this year we've had the worst fire season across the nation.  Multiple states are on fire and so many homes have been destroyed.  It really hit home when we had our own local fire break out and it destroyed over 50 homes within a very short time frame.  It was scary and took a long time to get it contained.  I was proud of our community though, everyone came together to help those affected by the fire.  My husband and I donated to the cause, it was the least we could do considering we still had our home and all our possessions.  I can't imagine losing everything so quickly.  The devastation a fire can cause is heartbreaking.  So many people have been affected and its been great to see communities come together to help those in need.  I'm so grateful for all those who have risked their lives to combat these fires.  It would be so much scarier if it were not for them!  We keep praying for those serving and for those affected.  And for rain too of course!  I hope the fire season gets better really soon!

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