June 23, 2012

What a day

Today didn't start well and it's not ending well either.  But the middle part was good.  I woke up feeling sick.  Not a nauseous feeling, but my throat was sore and an overall crummy kind of feeling.  Thankfully the kids slept in a little, which helped.  The morning started out slow and then I decided to take a bath to help me relax.  The kids were awesome to play while I soaked.  The water did help, trying to get out never feels good lol.  My MIL called and asked if she could do anything for me and I needed to go buy diapers today but didn't feel up to it so I'm glad she was willing.  Being able to stay home all day was so nice.  We actually got a few loads of laundry done, cleaned up the kitchen, vacuumed, and tidied up every room in the house.  It feels good to have a clean house!  So I was feeling pretty good until about an hour ago when I slipped on the tile in the bathroom.  A few months ago I twisted wrong getting out of my car and pulled some cartilage in my pelvis and when I slipped tonight, I torqued the same area.  I bawled.  Not only because it hurt so bad but because it feels like one more thing that may keep me from having a smooth delivery. :(  I'm seriously beginning to think this may be our last little addition. We'll have to see. Maybe things will be better than I expect.  That would be fantastic.

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