June 23, 2012

More furniture

It's amazing how many things you collect when you get married.  You bring stuff from your own life and then after you're married you go out and together buy new things.  Then, you if you start a family, there are even more things you end up buying.  Now in my case, my husband and I have moved around enough that we usually do a good deep cleaning and get rid of a lot of non essential items/clutter.  Now with a new baby on the way, we have needed a few MORE things lol.  Like a new dresser because the one we have isn't big enough.  The rest of the baby room is pretty much done.  We don't need any other decor or cute rustic desks, we have everything we need.  We did just buy new bedding for the crib and got it all set up.  Looks so cute!  A new addition means additional things but that's ok.  Comes with the territory right? :)

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