March 17, 2012

Vacation time

We decided to take a mini vacation with the kids before the baby comes this summer. We're all so excited to go that it makes it hard to want to do anything else. The kids keep counting down even though it's not around the corner. Can't blame them, I've been secretly counting down too. ;) It will be great to get away for a little while, get out of the city, and enjoy being together. No work or school will be great! Especially the no work part lol. I've needed a break even though I've only been there three weeks. I can't wait to take the kids swimming and being pregnant that will feel good to me too. The kids are in swim lessons and doing well so they can't wait to show off their skills. I wonder if where we're going they have raypak pool heaters? Hmm, maybe. Even if they don't, we're still going to have a blast. SO SO SO EXCITED! I wish we could go tomorrow. :D

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