March 28, 2012

One more thing

The big topic of discussion at our house lately has been jobs and where. Mainly, a job for my husband, where ever that might be. We've talked a little about where we'd like to end up and where we'd NOT like to end up. I hope that doesn't close doors for us, ones that we should possibly consider. It's hard though, trying to find the right fit within "our scope." But it's fun to think about having a job and settling down in general. Being at that point in our lives it's exciting, a new step, a new adventure. It's funny too because we've begun to think about how we'd do things differently if we had our own place. My husband would love a big yard with nice patio furniture. Something nice like those commercial patio umbrellas and sets. Enough to entertain people if we wanted or had family come over. That's a small thing, a piece of the picture. One thing at a time, I know we'll get there. Right now, we're content where we're at.

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