February 18, 2012

A new house

The kids went to a birthday party recently and had so much fun with their friends! It was neat for me too because the parents had just finished building a new home. I love looking at new houses because it gives me ideas of what I would want in my own home. The outside wasn't what I wanted but I loved how spacious the inside looked. They had a 3 car garage and that was HUGE but I think we'd be ok with a 2 car garage and a shed for other things. Anyway, when I was in their home I only caught a glimpse of the larger things, not some of the details like switch plate covers and outlet locations. I guess in the scheme of things those aren't AS important and some of the bigger details. But when you build your own home, everything is pretty important. Otherwise you end up having a home you don't like built lol. Wouldn't want that to happen. ;)

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