January 20, 2012

What's going to happen

Our summer is going to be an interesting one. Between my husband's school schedule and my work schedule and having a baby, yep, our summer is going to be a bit crazy. But crazy is ok right? That makes for a non-boring summer anyway lol. One of the most exciting parts of the summer is that my husband will be graduating from school! He's applying for graduate school for the fall but he's also going to be looking into getting a job and then we'll decide which direction to go. He's not looking into Technical Recruiter Jobs but geology type jobs. It's really exciting to think about him being all done and us settling into a career and buying a home and doing all those things we've been wanting to for years. So much to look forward to! Can't wait. :D

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Cami Jo said...

I know what you mean. It was a long time coming for us too, but I think it makes us appreciate it SO much more! Good luck with everything!