September 08, 2011

Autumn is coming

Summer is almost over. I'm not ready for summer to be over. No, I wanted more summer. I wanted more time with my husband and children. I wanted more vacations. I wanted more days without a schedule. I wanted more zoo and library trips. I wanted it and didn't get it. But, I did have an awesome summer. I did have lots of time with my husband and children. We did take a few vacations. We did have a number of non-scheduled-do-what-we-want days. We did visit the zoo and go to the library. We did SO many fun things and that's why I didn't want summer to end. This has been my favorite summer thus far, ever. So when my husband pulled out our autumn decorations, I wanted to cry. School has started, autumn decorations are up, and that means fall is almost here. I wasn't ready! But thankfully, we DID have a great summer and just because the summer is over, doesn't mean we can't have a GREAT fall too. So, here's to many awesome fall days together too!!

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