August 26, 2011

They came!!

I believe I recently mentioned we bought new furniture. It took TWO months to get here but they came and we've loved it. But then, we needed a new washer and dryer. The washer especially was awful. It put rust stains on a bunch of our clothes which I wasn't too happy about. Mainly because I had bought a bunch of new clothes for the kids and hubby and I and a lot of them ended up with stains on them. It was so weird too because it was ONLY on the new clothes we bought. Weird no? Anyway, so we tried everything to clean the washer out and I found if we did it at least once a week, we had fewer rust stains. But the problem persisted and we started losing clothes. The stains were large and very visible so I started to put them away. So that's been a problem but we've tried to make due. The dryer was ok, it just took over an hour to get a full batch of clothes dry. So, we've FINALLY been able to buy a new set and it we were stoked! We started looking around and found a local store with an AWESOME deal and the manager gave us another deal on top of it! Woohoo!! The best part, our new ones were delivered the NEXT DAY! No waiting two months. :D The washer is HUGE, at 4.2 cubic ft, and I can washer our king size blankets. The dryer is awesome too and will dry our clothes in under an hour! It feels really good not having to worry about rust stains and long dry times. I'm so glad we were finally able to get new ones. Makes me pretty happy!! :)

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