August 17, 2011

New business!

I love when I see new business's come into our city. It seems like the majority of big business's leave and the only new ones that come in are retail type jobs. Yeah, you can't live on a retail job income, no one can without some type of assistance. Now granted, the new business is a call center but the pay is a few much higher than minimum wage. I've been watching it be built and it's amazing how much work goes into a new building. The structure is done and now I think they're doing all the inside work. I don't know if they have used a Delafield Corporation hose in their endeavor or have even needed one, but I'm sure they have that all worked out. I believe this call center will bring about 100+ jobs to the community which we need. So I'm stoked about it and how it will help the area!

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