August 24, 2011

I like making people feel better

That's one of the reasons I do what I do. I wanted to find a career where I could do something hands on and help people in the process. Physical therapy did just that and I've enjoyed it every day since. I LOVE IT!! One of the things I've really enjoyed is doing massage on patients. At first I was incredibly uncomfortable but only because I wasn't very good. Now, with a years experience, I can finally say I'm more comfortable and not too shabby. I'm still learning but I love when a patient leaves following a massage and they tell me I have magic fingers lol. It's amazing how many problems a few knots can cause a person. Knots and tightness can put pressure on nerves, cause headaches, and aches and pains. Where I work, we do a lot of massage but I've seen it help so many people. People who have had therapy for years and massage was the only thing that helped. So, it's nice to be doing a good job. It's nice to see people happier leaving therapy than when they came in. I love it. LOVE IT!!!

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