June 02, 2011

The dilemma

A few times a year I have this dilemma. One that probably most people, at least most women, have to deal with. That dilemma is what do we do with our hair?? It seems relatively common to cut or trim your hair as summer nears. As the weather heats up who wants a bunch of hair sitting on their neck? I've cut mine many times for that very reason. Then as summer passes and fall and winter come, you let your hair grow longer and this can help keep you a little warmer. So you cut it, let it grow, then you cut it, and let it grow and so on and so on, year after year. I've done the cycle and some years I did more cutting and others I cut my hair less. This year I think I've switched my usual cut, pre summer and let it grow, post summer cycle. I cut my hair late winter and now I'm going to let it grow out all summer and fall. It's nice to have my hair short but now that I can finally put it in a small pony tail, I'm thrilled to have my hair long again. When I see pictures of me before I cut my hair, I really like how it looked. So that's my plan. Well, until I get sick of it and need a change lol!

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