May 03, 2011

Love this time of year!

Spring is starting to show itself and I'm totally excited! Today we went for a quick 20 min walk because the weather was so nice and I was in heaven. The girls loved riding their bikes while we walked too. It's this time of year that makes me excited to see ice cream trucks driving around. Eating popsicles on a hot day. Going for a run. BBQ'ing. Making homemade slushies or buying caramel apples online. It's those things I love to do that I normally don't do any other time of year. The caramel apples for instance, I eat them only once or twice a year, if that. Usually in the spring and summer. Yummy! The weather and the food are the best this time of year! So I'm excited. Are you excited too?!? We should be excited together. :D

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