March 07, 2011

Do you get behind?

I am incredibly behind on my house cleaning. I do all the little things, sweeping, the dishes, clean off the counters, pick up things off the floor, vacuum and all those normal-ish things. But it's the bigger things I haven't wanted to do. Things like mopping. Yeah, I have linoleum floors, not laminate flooring, but it doesn't matter, I have zero desire to mop. And clean my oven. The oven isn't really that hard, spray some stuff on it and wipe it off or put it on self clean and wipe it out. Seriously? The bathtubs too, no desire there either. Yes, I've wiped it out but not the deep scrub clean that it needs. I think it's a mood I'm in because I usually don't mind cleaning. Other than gathering and taking out the garbage, that I really really don't like to do but everything else I don't mind at all. Now, I just have to get out of this mood and into my "keep the house nice and clean" mood. Maybe tomorrow you think? ;)

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