January 11, 2011

Yay for rewards

My kids work towards certain rewards every few months. It's been great for us as parents to teach them that hard work really does pay off. So, one daughter earned her reward awhile ago but we haven't had the time to go until yesterday. She wanted to go swimming, something we rarely do. So we went and it was a lot of fun!! The pool was on the cool side but other than some shivers it was great. The girls used noodles this time to help them swim and when they figured them out they loved being able to move around the pool by themselves. I like to swim, ok doggie paddle lol, but I forgot one thing, how you feel afterwards, ugh. We came home, showered, and then we all crashed. I didn't need Egyptian cotton sheets to fall asleep. The chlorine took everything out of all of us. Feels like you've been hit by a truck. But it passes after you've slept it off. Can't wait until we go again!

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