January 11, 2011

Must stop

I really need to stop thinking about sweets. I'm trying to think about anything BUT sweets. I've thought about putting my kids in some type of activity or sport. I've thought about what I want to do with my education. I've thought about patients I see at work. I've thought buying new furniture. I've thought about when the time will be that we will finally buy a house. I've even thought about local construction and construction jobs. Yeah, pathetic. You can say it. Why am I trying not to think about sweets? Because thanks to a friend of mine, we're doing this challenge. My challenge, no buying any sweets. None. True, I have a few left in my house from Christmas, but nothing appealing. It's good though, just hard. But I shouldn't be afraid to work hard. So I'll keep thinking about strange things lol.

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