January 12, 2011

But it wasn't that much!

That's how today has felt to me. I woke up this morning exhausted because we didn't get to bed until 1am. Woke up at 7am to get everyone ready for school. By 8am I had some down time and put in DQMW. LOVE that show!! Took a shower, got the rest of us ready, then we headed out the door for me to go to work. Worked for awhile, came home, played with the family, ate dinner, bathed the children, put them to bed and now it's after 7pm. What? Where did my day go? I feel like hardly anything was accomplished today but I guess I did a few things. It amazes me that some days feel like they take forever to get through while others fly by. It hasn't been a bad day despite feeling like it flew by, I just wish I had done more. That's ok though, the day isn't done yet. :D

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