January 26, 2011


Our youngest is the most adorable little thing! Ok, all of our kids are pretty adorable but the youngest has been extra cute lately. We've been teaching her a little bit of sign language and it's so cute to see her respond to us in sign language. Also, she's been pulling herself into standing positions all over the house. Some aren't as safe as other though. Trying to stand on the linoleum while wearing socks, yep, you guessed it, face planting occurs. Poor girl, totally took her by surprise. So that's not very adorable but her climbing up the stairs has been. Just recently she learned to climb up the first stair and sit there. Now, she can climb the whole flight laughing all the way up. SO CUTE! We pretend like we're chasing her and she loves it. Her sisters even get into it and we all laugh and giggle. It's really adorable. How did we get blessed with such amazing children? Really, they are the best!!


Ryan and Leah said...

Your kids are pretty adorable I must say! Sounds like she has realy started to move since we were there!

Crustacean Queen said...

seriously....she was just born the other month wasn't she? ☺ It's hard to imagine her crawling and using sign language...not to mention a birthday soon. Sheesh!