November 25, 2010

Have you decided?

I still haven't decided what all I want for Christmas, have you? Picking gifts out for my kids is pretty easy and for the most party, they're done. (I know, this is the earliest EVER that I've bought almost everything for Christmas by now, go me!) I'm still trying to come up with gifts for my husband too. He's given me some ideas but I still want to get him one or two that are total surprises. But me, I still don't know. I've seen some jewelry I like and have mentioned it to my husband. I could have him look at buying from diamonds international for something too now that I think about it. Other than jewelry and maybe a movie or two, I'm at a loss. Maybe a book? Maybe a new game? Something for the home? Hmmm, I better some up with something soon, Christmas is almost here yikes!!

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