November 25, 2010

Almost time!

Black Friday is almost here! Now, before you go and think I'm one of those crazy Black Friday shoppers, let me stop you right now. I do shop on Black Friday but I'm not crazy (well, most of the time anyway lol). I don't shove past people, I don't run others over with my shopping cart, and I surely don't take merchandise out of someone else's cart. Yeah, people who do that ARE crazy! I like going for the good deals but I'm not anal about it. I don't mind getting up early and waiting in line for something really good but if it's out by the time I get to it, I won't go home crying. This year I only want one thing anyway and I plan to go out earlier than usual for it. It's a gift for my husband and he's so excited about it. I am too though just because my husband has wanted this gift for a long time but it's been too expensive. Not tomorrow though, it's almost $100 off woohoo! So, to my fellow Black Friday be careful, have fun, and I hope we all get what we want!!

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