November 12, 2010

Getting close!

This year my husband and I are in charge of our family Christmas party. We've been so excited to do it for the last year! All year long we've been coming up with ideas and putting things together. It's a good thing too because our party is in a few short weeks! Even though we pretty much have everything together, there's a bunch of loose ends we need to tie up. Not to mention we've run into a few kinks along the way, not of our doing, but we kind of expected that to happen. :P Nonetheless, things are coming along!

Our party is in two parts, a cousin sleepover and then family pictures and our party. We're finishing up putting the final details on the sleepover. I think everything is ready to go for that finally. I just bought a bunch of material for our family service project, we're making and donating blankets to our local hospital. I'm going to get those prepped this weekend so they're ready for the party. After that, we have to finish making decisions about the schedule and our games and then we're set. A lot to do but everything is almost done. Hopefully everything turns out ok and our family has family! :)

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Kate said...

sounds like a lot of fun . . . wish i was in your family! *wink* :)