November 03, 2010

At least once!!

I'd imagine that most people in their lifetime have gone to at least one concert. That's seems pretty accurate doesn't it? Now on the other hand, how many do you think have not gone to a concert, ever? Probably not many. Yeah, it's sad to say but I'm in the "never been to a concert" group. :P It's not that I DON'T want to go, I just haven't had the money to go. If I won tickets, like U2 tickets, I'd for sure go. Now if I had to pay for tickets, I'd want to go see someone like Andrea Bocelli. Now there's an awesome concert!! But those two wouldn't be the only ones I'd go see, there are a ton I'd love to go to. The hardest part about going though is that I would have to drive a few hours to get there. The cost of gas AND a concert gets pricey. But who knows, maybe I'll splurge and end up having the time of my life. :D


Scott and Kel said...

Wish I could say I feel your pain, but I have been to more concerts than I can sorry :) But on that note, you should go sometime. They are fun and even if it's just the fair, it's different and music is always better live. However, if you are holding out for a cheap Andrea Bocelli concert, it may be a WHILE! Good to see you guys at Zoey's (spell?) blessing by the way.

Cami Jo said...

Haven't been to a concert since middle school. (What else was I suppose to do with all that babysitting money...and come WAS RICKY MARTIN!!!!) Other than a few like that when I was younger....I'm with you. It's pretty expensive. Maybe if James was a concert go-er we'd try it, but neither of us care to spend much for concerts. I guess we should ALL just win some tickets, eh??