October 23, 2010

Fun and new

This year I came up with a new tradition for our family. At the beginning of the month we went to the store and saw they had pumpkins ready to sell. I immediately thought "how fun would it be to carve one pumpkin every weekend in October?" I told my husband and he liked the idea and our kids loved it too. So, for the last few weeks we've bought new pumpkins, one every week. Hubby picked the first one, me the second and so on down the line. It's been kind of funny because as soon as I had the idea and we started buying our pumpkins, we got so incredibly busy. Instead of doing a pumpkin every weekend, we've had to wait until the weekdays to do them. But that's ok, our kids are still thrilled to do it and have more than one pumpkin to put outside. Our kids are so cute when they get excited. I love it! New traditions are fun. :D

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Crustacean Queen said...

That does sound like a fun tradition. I also like that we can make up new traditions with our own families. That's been one of my favorite things!