August 19, 2010

Costs of prevention

Our theory when it comes to owning an automobile is this: save money by spending money ahead of time. Does that make sense? lol In other words, we spend money on keeping up with the maintenance for our car. We don't wait until the last possible second to fix something because we know if we do, it will end up costing more money. Sometimes you feel like you're spending a ton of money on Ferrari parts when you own just a simple two door car. We don't want to feel like that so we pay to keep things in the best condition. And because of it, we haven't had any huge expenses for any automobile we've owned woohoo! The most expensive I think we've put out has been for tires and just recently, for the first time, we had new brakes and rotors put on the front. That's not bad for having the same car five years! :D

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