March 24, 2010


Can I say how much I don't like 90% of the commercials on TV? Sure I can, it's my blog. :) Ok, I don't like 90% of commercials on TV. Seriously, the majority of them are crap. There are a ton of commercials about what happens to you when you take drugs. Those are getting old. I don't know if they make a big difference or not and actually stop people from taking drugs. I would hope so but in the mean time, I hate their commercials. I know what they're showing is true but they all make me want to lose my lunch.

Other commercials, like the ones for underwear and lingerie. Seriously? Isn't there enough crap in movies and on the internet? Do we really need to see practically naked people on TV too? Geez, enough is enough! I don't need a commercial to help me buy underwear or lingerie. I have a brain, I use it. I can pick up something in the store and get an idea of how it will look on me if I were to buy it. I don't need some model who doesn't have my body type, or is even close, to model something for me. Obviously it isn't going to look the same if I wore it so why waste your money? *sigh* TV is becoming less and less appealing these days.

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