January 19, 2010

Birthday gift to myself

I recently had my birthday and the one big thing I wanted was to have my hair cut and highlighted and also to have my eyebrows waxed. A girl in my ward said she could do it all for me for only $30! I can't afford to pay someone in a salon to do it so I was stoked when she offered because that price is perfect! So yesterday, I got it all done and I love it (although it's a tad more red/copper than I intended, but still nice). My eyebrows were way over due too and it's nice to have them even again. My friend mentioned that she worked at a place in town where I could get some facial treatments done too. I've never looked into my neutrogena skin id or done more with my face other than wash it, but it sounded like it could be fun. Maybe for Mother's Day or something. In the mean time, I'll enjoy my new do. :)

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