October 26, 2009

Monday Muse

Have you ever wondered about the big mysteries of life? Such as, is there life really on Mars? Is the Big Bang Theory really true? Did humans evolve from apes? What really happened to the dinosaurs? Where does that one extra sock go after being in the dryer? Do you ever think about these things? I admit, I have my moments where I really begin to wonder. Especially when it comes to the dinosaurs and my kids watch "The Land Before Time." I begin to think, did that really happen? Or was it really a meteor that made them go extinct? Well, I finally have the answer. Thanks to an email from a friend of mine, I no longer have to question what really happened to the dinosaurs. Who knew it was this simple?! What a relief to finally know. :)



Jen said...

Bwhahaha! That is a hoot :)

Teeth Whitening said...

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