October 26, 2009

The Amazing Race

For the longest time we were never able to receive CBS on our TV and it sucked because I love watching The Amazing Race. But now we have CBS which means more Amazing Race for me woohoo! Does anyone else like to watch it? The one on yesterday was good. One of the tasks was either to build what was called a "hookah" or to go and measure out a certain amount of gold using the gold exchange rate. Personally, would have gone with the hookah building. They didn't look like they were made out of glass tiles but maybe they were glass based. Either way, I thought they would be easier to assemble than trying to figure out the gold thing. It was so good to watch! I love seeing how the contestants react when under pressure. Some do really good and some, not so good. If it was me, I'd probably have many moments of not handling it well lol.

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