April 15, 2008

Vegetable Soup

A friend gave me this recipe and we loved it! It was super easy to put together and had a great taste. If you have any questions about it or you try it, let me know!

Vegetable Soup

2-3 cans Garlic roasted chicken broth
1-2 bags frozen veggies
1-2 cups water
1/2-1 can tomato paste
Cut up potatoes (optional, I added them because I had some)

Mix all ingredients in crockpot. On low, cook 4-8 hours. On high, cook 1-3 hours. (I had to add an additional hour to allow my potatoes time to cook.)


You can add all the ingredients into a pan and simmer until frozen veggies are soft.


Beth said...

Mmm, I love soup; I need many more good soup recipes (I have, like none and am too chicken to make them up!)

Okay, where do you get GARLIC roasted chicken broth? What if you just have regular chicken broth and add, like, garlic salt ('cause that's what I got?) Hmmmmm.

What kind of frozen veggies did you use?

Michelle said...

Beth - my husband picked up the garlic roasted chicken broth for me and he said that it was right by the regular chicken broth. My friend that gave me the recipe said it doesn't taste as good without the garlic roasted, so you could try the garlic salt and see.

As for veggies, we just bought the kind that had peas, carrots, and corn. I think it may have had green beans in it too, I can't remember. lol I also froze a portion of mine because it made a ton, so that was nice too.