April 17, 2008

Nothing like a little cavity to brighten your day

You know me, I'm all about prevention when it comes to my teeth, but having a cavity filled isn't exactly exciting. I could do without the pain from the huge needle they shove in your mouth to numb the area. What's the point of the topical anesthetic when you can still feel the piece of metal cracking into your cute little gums? I mean really, what did I ever do to them?

So there I sat, trying to watch the TV, hoping it would distract me from the ouchness (my new word for the day) in my mouth. Let me give you a tip, don't watch something funny while a needle is in your mouth. It hurts. And it's not funny. Don't you love when they say "oh, did that hurt?" Then before my response, they say, "I'm sorry." Well lady, obviously you knew it was going to hurt like a hippo stampede, so don't bother trying to make me feel better. It was a nice gesture though, so I'll give her a brownie point. I'm not bitter. :)

So I continued to sit, watch TV, and wait for the dentist. I even attempted a few jokes (I accidentally wrote joints instead of jokes, which could have made this post more interesting - I blame the medicine lol) with the dental assistants while trying to pass away the time. As the lady and I are bonding over "What Not to Wear," I finally ask if the dentist went to lunch given as I'd been waiting an hour. After a few comments of "he should be here, I'm sorry it's taking so long" she finally told me under her breath he was coming, he was just in the bathroom.

Now being a mom of a toddler who is potty trained but still has accidents and one sort of in training, I was grateful the doc took a potty break. I mean seriously, I clean up enough accidents at home and well, if something had happened in his office.....that's what dental assistants are for right?

Anyway, he arrives and we exchange the conversational hello and he mentions he's in a good mood. (You know, I have that feeling too sometimes after going to the bathroom. ;) I asked if he was in a good enough mood to lower my bill. Yeah, that was a laugh, literally. (I wanted to mention that the small cavity I had was in the same spot where they had put a filling in over a year ago, so technically it wasn't my fault, thus, I should have a lower bill. Right?)

Well, I'm good to go and now I feel just lovely. Whee!! Oh, the receptionist did give me $6 off my bill for paying in full and that was nice. Miss J has been so funny since I've come home. She's been to the dentist before and enjoyed it. She hasn't had a cavity, thankfully, but I tried to explain that I did. I told her I had a little hole in my tooth and the dentist filled it up for me. Now she's saying she has a hole in her hair and wants to go to the dentist for him to fix it. lol It's a bright day afterall. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh man, the dentist. I'm having major problems chewing on one side. The dentist replaced an old metal filling, and since then it's painful to chew on that side. Then, I broke a tooth on my other side (my fault eating a candy bar). AAAAHHHH! I hate teeth! But I did enjoy reading this post! : )

Anonymous said...
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Kara said...

Ah, that reminds me that I should set up appts for my family, and Jason still needs his cavities taken care of :P Not looking forward to it, I know I have cavities, I always do.

Ginabear said...

OMG you crack me up!! I love reading your stories, especially your true to life ones!! You totally captured the "going to the dentist" mental picture for me! I'm sorry your cute gums hurt, I hope goin to the gym didnt hurt them more! Thanks for the laugh though, you are so funny!