April 07, 2008

Monday Movie Review

Here's a list of the movies we've seen in the past few weeks. I hope you find something that sounds good. Also, if you have a recommendation, do tell! :)

"Iron Will" - This is one of my favorite movies about a boy with enough courage and determination to defeat all odds. Young Will Stoneman enters a 500 miles dogsled race in order to win the prize money that will save his family's farm and get him into college. Definitely one to watch if you haven't already.

"On A Clear Day" - I saw this in a preview and thought it looked good, but no. It's about a man who loses his job while in his late fifties. He decides to take on the challenge of swimming the English Channel. What I didn't like about this movie was to no surprise, the language and references they made. You also see a man's naked backside. Yuck.

"No Reservations" - The pros: cute love story. The cons: a few words I didn't like and two references to sex. A good movie to watch with TV Guardian. :)

"Out Of Africa" - Another movie that looked good, but not my favorite. The acting between Meryl Streep and Robert Redford was good but the whole scenario of them in Africa and what they went through, wasn't too appealing. Don't expect a happy ending but do expect some "mature themes." I wouldn't bother personally.

"Breakfast at Tiffany's" - The version I watched was with Audrey Hepburn and I must say, even though this movie is very popular, I was disappointed. A woman is crazy about finding a wealthy man to marry and the man is living very well due to a wealthy girlfriend. The two end up living in the same apartment building and things become, well, complicate. The whole movie was bizzare to me, sorry. Was it just me, or was anyone else really annoyed with Holly and her character? I'd love to hear someone else's opinion on this. No, I wouldn't recommend it.

"An Affair to Remember" (1957 version) - Ahh, another movie to add to my must buy list! Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr really made this movie a perfect romance. The two characters, both of which are engaged, meet on a boat and fall in love. They decide to wait six months and meet at the Empire State Building to see if they are still in love. Do they rendezvous or does something happen? You're going to have to watch to find out. :)

"Miracle" - This movie based on a true story is another one to see. In 1980 the USA hockey team made history. In the beginning, they weren't anywhere near ready to beat the unstoppable Soviet Union team. But thanks to coach Herb Brooks, they did the impossible and not only win, but win gold. There is some swearing, but the movie was good. It's an amazing story and one you can almost live through by watching this film.


Jenn said...

In spite of my overwhelming love of Audrey Hepburn, I have to agree with you on "Breakfast at Tiffany's"--definately not at the top of my favorites list! I do LOVE Moon River though, so I'll watch the show just to hear the music :)

I'm going to have to disagree on "An Affair to Remember" though....we recently watched it and laughed so hard at the cheesy acting!

Michelle said...

See, I would agree with the cheesy part, but I think between the two of them it worked. I loved when they said "did you say something? No, I didn't say anything." They said that by accident but the director kept it in. The movie was pretty funny.

Lei said...

I have not seen Iron WIll.. thanks for the recommendation!

Beth said...

I was sooo excited to see No Reservations from the previews ... it was PG and not PG-13, and it looked like a cute movie! But then it turned out to be not at all what I expected -- the plot was not a cute, fluffy romantic comedy but a rather dark/heavy show, I thought. And the plot seemed more about the niece than the romance. It was okay, but not as good as I was hoping.

I liked Iron Will a lot, though! And my old Young Women's president and her daughter (my good friend in middle school) loved Affair to Remember ... I never saw it.