April 18, 2008

Just what he needs

It’s no surprise that my husband loves his tools and loves buying tools. He just bought himself a miter saw and he’s very happy about it. He’s wanted one for a long time but if you know anything about tools, they tend to be pricey. But he finally found a good price and snatched it before the sale ended. Now that he has that, I don’t think he will need one of those festools, but I’m sure he’d disagree with me. His rationale for buying tools cracks me up. lol


Jen said...

what's his rationale?
Mine thinks he needs every thing in every size it comes in. I can't take him to Home Depot without him picking up a new gadget.

Michelle said...

His arguments fluctuate but the last one was this:

Me: But we don't need a miter saw.
Him: I need one.
Me: What would you use it for?
Him: I will think of something.
Me: See? You don't have any projects let alone any time to work on them.
Him: But I can make time.
Me: Where would we put it?
Him: I'll make room. Oh hey, I could do this...and this...and this...wouldn't that be nice?

LOL Goofy husband.