April 01, 2008

Be prepared

I mentioned we rearranged our furniture a few days ago and that’s always time consuming. I like how everything looks now, but it’s not something I like to do often. I’m glad my husband initiates it and helps, that makes it easier. He could do everything by himself, he’s definitely strong enough, but working together cuts down on time. Every time we do move furniture, I remember that I need to buy a tv mount or something to fasten our TV to the wall. Even though I don’t think it will tip over being in the entertainment center, I would still hate for an accident to happen. It’s always better to be prepared.


Jen said...

Hey! I rearranged my house too. Copy cat.
I love tools, I have my own even. They aren't pink or anything, actually, they are yellow. But it's good for a girl to have her own tools. ;)

Michelle said...

That's what I hear. I'm thinking I should buy my own set. It's all the rage you know. ;)