March 06, 2008

He's a keeper

Every Tuesday and Thursday, we do relatively the same thing. I wake up at 7am and get ready for class. Lately, the girls have been getting up just before 7:30, so I grab us all some breakfast. Husband gets up right before I head out the door and I catch my ride to school.

I recently discovered that after I leave, my husband usually goes back to bed. Lucky goose! lol I can't blame him, he's up so late doing homework that it's hard to get up so early. So after his little nap, he gets the girls ready (this involves clothes and a coat) and comes to meet me at school about 9:15. He gets out and goes to class and I drive home with the girlies.

But today was different. When I jumped in the car for our swap, Miss J said that daddy made cookies. (We have a deal where he makes the dough and I bake them.) I had yummy cookie dough waiting for me, mmmmm! He tells me that he got the girls ready early, did Miss J's hair (which is not easy for him but it looked pretty good), and made me cookies.

Isn't that sweet? He totally gets brownie points, er, cookie points, today. How did I get so lucky. :)


Kara said...

That's wonderful :) I hope your cookies were yummy!

Stacey said...

Aww,what a nice surprise!

Jen said...

you are a lucky duck! ... er... lucky perseverance girl ;)

Michelle said...

LOL Jen! I agree. ;)