March 07, 2008

Friday's Feast #182


If you could be any current celebrity for one whole week, who would you want to be?

*Jane Seymour.


On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how much do you enjoy talking on the phone?

*0 if I'm talking to someone who can't carry a conversation. A 7.462 otherwise.


Name a charitable organization to which you have donated (or would like to).

*The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Main Course

What is a food you like so much you could eat it every single day for a month?

*Ice cream. :)


Have you or anyone in your family had the flu this year?



Deb said...

How about ice cream topped with strawberries ;~)

I like your soup answer...I'd have to agree!

Beth said...

Ohhhh, ice cream. Michelle, you are a wise woman.

Also, your "7.462" answer reminded me of my husband ... he is famous for that kind of "exact" answer! ;-) Very funny.

Natalie said...

I feel so dumb when I read the donations, I donate to church too and didn't even think of that one. Dang this sleep deprived mommy brain! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Ice Cream! Definitely could eat that every day! I used to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints~when I was younger! Great Feast! Thanks for visiting my place. I have another site where I am hosting two new memes. Come check it out at Mercedes Rocks:

My Goodness said...

Ha, I'm with you on the ice cream!! Yahoo!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I love ice cream also. I bet spending time as Jane Seymour would be interesting.

Jen said...

Oh man... I try not to copy you, but you have such great answers!

Slevi said...

Ice cream, how could I possibly have forgotten that under what I'd be able to eat daily :P.

Thanks for dropping by my blog :), hope you have/had a great weekend.