January 04, 2008

I've started my to-do list

I found all of our pictures from the last five years and I've organized them into groups. I figured the easiest way to group them would be in chronological order with a few I'll take out and put in the girls' albums. Why, early in our marriage, did I feel the need to have duplicates of every picture? Sorry, but I think that was dumb on my part. No wonder working on these picture has been so daunting, with all the duplicates it seemed like a mountain of work. But now I have a Wal-Mart bag full of throw away pictures that will meant my shredder's doom. Yay!

I'm glad we now have a digital camera too. Even though I haven't been into digital scrapbooking, it's still nice to be able to pick which pictures I want and which I don't. That was the smartest investment we've made this year. So, now I need to print off the digital pictures we want to add to books, then I'll throw them all in, and viola! Ahh, it's nice to see and end in sight.

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