November 14, 2007

If it's not one thing, it's another

I think we've finally solved the train problem. It's improved anyway. I decided to put a small fan in the girls room and the white noise has mostly drowned out the train horn. Our youngest still hears it every now and then but she mostly sleeps through it. Which means I mostly sleep through it too. Yay!

But our newest bedtime trial, (parents seems to have never ending trials lol) is keeping said child in her bed. Last week we converted her crib into a toddler bed and we're lucky enough to play the infamous "let's see how many times you can put me back to bed before you pull your hair out and dive into a tub of ice cream" game. She thinks it's hilarious. Little stinker. I *think* it's getting better, but that could be wishful thinking. lol

The other problem with the conversion, is that the toddler bar has two little bars (space in between them) that supposedly prevent the child from rolling out. They apparently didn't have my daughter in mind, because she flops around in the middle. Which means she falls out through the middle opening. Poor girl, scares her to death. I may just take the little bars off and put up our normal bed rail-thingy and see how that works. Maybe I'll ask my husband to do it, I need a nap. lol


Kara said...

I hope she gets used to her toddler bed soon. I remember you went through the same thing with your oldest.

Michelle said...

Oh yes. I think our oldest was the worst. LOL What's funny is that my husband doesn't remember our oldest going through this so he gets frustrated more easily than I do. I remind him that she did but he was working two jobs and missed it. Lucky him. lol

texas_sweetie said...

hi chelle..passing by to say hello to u.have u have a good day.pls visit me sometime when u have time..

Jen said...

LOL, I remember when you were going through that with your older daughter! Just keep at it! It will work... someday ;)