November 15, 2007

Thursday Thumbs

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Thumbs Up:

The Sandpiper - This is a local restaurant. We had a gift certificate and decided to use it for a date night. The prices were insane (around $16 a plate) and the food wasn't great, but the dessert was delicious! My husband had the New York cheesecake and I had apple pie with ice cream. So good! We'll go again just for the dessert! lol

Thumbs Down:

"Batman Begins" - This movie was dark and had some parts that were super creepy. I wouldn't recommend it. It was one of those that I should have walked out of the room instead of finishing it. Live and learn.

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Kara said...

I actually love Batman Begins lol, but I guess that's what I get for growing up with lots of brothers :)

Michelle said...

That's ok Kara, I still like you. :D

See, it's because of my brothers I don't like these kind of movies. lol

Jen said...

Oh Cool! I'm so glad you joined in! It's so great to hear what people are trying, watching, reading, etc. and what they think of it! Thanks!