October 23, 2007

Seven 3's Meme

Jen tagged me for this meme oh, I don't know, weeks ago. lol Sorry it took so long but here it is! :)

List 3 things you are thankful for today

1. The energy to clean the house.

2. My girls being in a good mood.

3. My girls sleeping through the night and not getting up until 8.

List 3 people from your past you would love to see again for any reason at all

1. A teacher from high school just to see how she's doing.

2. An old friend that no longer speaks to me, to see if she's ok.

3. Another old friend that I lost track of, just to see what she's been doing.

List 3 things you dream of doing before you die

1. Run a marathon.

2. Visit Ireland.

3. See my children grow up and have kids of their own.

List 3 wishes you’ve had come true

1. Marrying a wonderful man.

2. Weighing less than 200 lbs.

3. Running a 5k.

List 3 things you wish you’d never done

1. Got into debt so fast

2. Bought a car that was more than it was worth

3. Moved in with family

List 3 random things about yourself

1. I like to swing dance.

2. I love the Baby Blues comics.

3. I get the creeps when I'm in a dirty house.

List 3 people you tag for this meme

1. Richard

2. Mama Pajama

3. Nate


Mama Pajama said...

Thanks for the tag. I'll get it up later this afternoon! Have a great day!

Kara said...

I keep forgetting to tell Nate you tagged him :D