October 22, 2007

Monday Movie Review

I know it's been a very long time since I've done this. The list is really long but if you're looking for a good movie, maybe you will find one that sounds interesting. :) Click on any movie title to read more about it. (The only way we get to watch all of these is because of our free subscription to Netflix. We love it!)

"Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman" - I watched this on TV growing up and loved it. So I've decided to watch all the episodes again. I'm into season two right now and I can't put them down! Brings back good memories. (Have you seen new pictures of the cast? It's amazing how much they've changed. I hardly recognized Sully, Joe Lando! You can go here to see.) 5 quacks.

"Batteries Not Included" - This is an older movie about a group of people who live in a part of town that used to be really popular but has now gone to the dumps. One businessman wants to renovate it, and tears down everything except one diner/apartment complex. Just when they lose hope of saving the diner, the people receive help from robotic aliens. I didn't think I would like the show, but it was cute. 3 quacks.

"Washington Square" - I completely forgot what this movie was about and had to look it up. You can tell I didn't like it much. lol It's about a girl who's very rich but also clumsy and not beautiful. A young man falls for her but is it for true love or her money? 2 quacks.

"Everything You Want" - This is a really cute chick flick. My mom and two neighbors watched it with me and we all loved it. Easy movie to get through. 4 quacks.

"Emma" - If you love Jane Austen like I do, you will like this movie. Enough said. :) 4 quacks.

"The Cat From Outer Space" - Another movie I didn't think I would like, but it wasn't too bad. The cat is from outer space but he's really intelligent. He seeks help to fix his ship so he can return home. There are some funny parts. 3 quacks.

"Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" - I wanted to see this, but my husband got to it first and said it wasn't worth my time and a waste of his. lol 1 quack.

"Spirited Away" - We never could get into this one and ended up turning it off half way through. Apparently this comes from the Japanese original, so maybe if you had seen that you would like it. 1 quack.

"Daddy's Little Girls" - First, the swearing was horrible but I did like the rest of the movie. It's about a dad and his three girls. The mom is a quack (excuse the pun) and ends up taking his kids away. Their lives are terrible while living with her. The dad gets help from an amazing attorney and they fall in love. But things get really complicated. It's a touching movie about the relationship between a father and his daughters. 3 quacks.

"Paycheck" - Ben Affleck played a good role in this. He plays a man who gets paid to work on high security projects then has his memory erased so he doesn't tell anyone. His paychecks are really nice so he keeps it up until he gets a job that lasts three years. I didn't like the violence but I did like how he pieced together the three years he lost. 3 quacks.

"Akeelagh and the Bee" - An 11 year old girl, Akeelagh, can really spell. But with pressures from her peers, she doesn't want to develop her talent. With the help from a mentor, she ends up going to the National Spelling Bee. 4 quacks.

"The Notebook" - No, I had never seen this movie before. Some people might not like to hear me say this, but I didn't really care for it. There were some non g-rated parts and those always ruin a movie for me. I did like how the husband took care of his wife even though she didn't remember him and the ending was really good. So I give it that. :) 2 quacks.

"North and South" - My ABSOLUTE favorite movie out of this bunch. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it!! It has a "Pride and Prejudice" air to it, but with many different aspects. It's almost four hours long and the first hour and a half is hard to get through, but the rest is so good! It's a little dark, meaning more fights and a few people get killed. But I loved it and want to buy it. SO GOOD! 5 quacks!!


Jen said...

Sweet! Thanks for the reviews, I always look forward to reading your movie reviews because I trust your opinion and taste! Thanks!

Kara said...

I actually love Spirited Away lol, but I've always like anime stuff, guess that came from growing up with my brothers loving it. I was trying to remember which one you had recommended to me and I think it was "North and South" right?

Michelle said...

Aww thanks Jen. :)

Yes it was that one Kara. Good, good movie. :D

Mama Pajama said...

I loved the spelling bee one. I just watched it last week. Great picks!