October 08, 2007

A quick quack

I probably should stop taking naps, because who knows what my husband teaches our children while I'm asleep. lol This conversation took place after my nap while my husband was trying to get our oldest dressed to go outside.

Daddy you're making me crazy!
What did she just say?!?
(Husband laughing hysterically)
You're making me crazy! Let go!
She did NOT learn that from me!
(Husband still laughing as I walk into the room)

A few minutes later...

Mommy we need to go to the dr.
Why do we need to go to the dr?
We need to so we can get my baby brother!
What?!? RICHARD! What have you been telling her?!?
(Husband doubles over with more laughter)

He swears he didn't tell her any of this. Whatever. LOL


Katie said...

lol, too funny.

Kate said...

heehee . . . what silliness! :)

Emily said...

That is so cute!!!!

Mama Pajama said...

Keep doing these! There's nothing like quotes from little ones. It's cool that you'll have all of this documented : ).