October 27, 2007

Long day and almost out of ice cream

7:00am - I woke up to my oldest telling me she had to go to the bathroom. She ran in there and ended up having an accident on the floor.
7:05am - Cleaned up and disinfected the floor.
7:10am - Went to get the now awake younger daughter out of bed.
7:11am - Noticed younger daughter has come out of her diaper and has peed all over the place.
7:12am - Stuck two girls and mommy in the shower.
7:25am - Two girls and daddy eat breakfast while mommy tries to get ready.
8:00am - Start dessert for ward party later.
9:00am - The twin girls we are to babysit today, show up.
9:45am - Friend shows up to study for test.
3:30pm - Take test and find out it's nothing like it should be.
4:00pm - Finish test and take four girls, ages 3 and under, outside to play, by myself.
5:00pm - Try to finish dessert for ward party.
6:00pm - Leave for ward party and watch as girls prefer eating the bread instead of candy (but that came later.)
9:00pm - Put girls to bed.
9:20pm - Try to think straight.

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Beth said...

Ugh! What a day!! I hope you're feeling less stressed this morning. We have ice cream at our house; maybe you should come over. ;-)