September 09, 2007

Stop and Think Sunday

One of the many great things about going to church on Sunday for me, is a lesson that makes me stop and think. Today I heard one such lesson. The topic was that of chastity and how it can almost make or break your marriage. The isn't always an easy topic to discuss but I really enjoyed it. Many discussions came about as the lesson went on.

One in particular has me thinking. The discussion turned to "what is love" and "what can we do to help our husbands." One woman mentioned a story told to her by her father. He was speaking with a husband who was having problems with pornography. He first asked the man "do you love your wife?" The husband's reply was "of course I do. I love how she makes me a better me. I love that she helps keep our home clean" and so on. The father told the man that that was not love. Instead he called him a leach. Now at first I wasn't following the story and wondered what a leech had to do with love. lol But this girl went on to say this.

Her dad told this gentleman that he sucked everything out of his wife. She did everything for him and he did nothing. He told the man to picture himself on a big swing and as the swing went higher he could see the most spectacular view. The higher he went, the more spectacular it was. He told this man that he needed to get off the swing and put his wife on it and swing her as high as she could possibly go.

I love this story. I love it because how often are we selfish as husbands and wives? When asked today what can we do for our husbands, I responded by saying "ask yourself that question everyday." I know that by doing this, you will see a great improvement in your relationship. I see it in my relationship with my husband. Some days I'm not very good at putting him first, but I continue to try. I love my husband and he's worth it. Our marriage is eternal and I want to keep it that way.

So my stop and think moment for today: is it worth more to be selfish or selfless?


Kara said...

I'm glad you had a good lesson :) We had that lesson too but with a different angle and it just felt negative and draining, I wish I hadn't even gone. The lady mostly talked about her mission and how there were some missionaries who got sent home for not being chaste and one who did something really horrible and was excommunicated immediately and sent home. One lady actually walked out of the lesson, and nobody smiled the whole time, it was depressing.

I think your lesson sounds great and makes some good points on what love is :) I'm not always good at doing things for Hubby and showing him I love him by putting him first, I have to work on that more.

Lorie said...

I thought the lesson felt uncomfortable to be talking about and nobody really said anything. Usually people give stories etc. to help the lesson, but this was just really a strange lesson,the way it was given! Nerxt week is more about msrriage, I think.

Michelle said...

Kara and Lorie, that is really sad how your lessons turned out. :( I wish you could have come to ours, the teacher did a great job and everyone had some really good input.

Stacey said...

Michelle~I'm glad you had such a great lesson. That is a neat story!

Kara and Lorie~I'm sorry your lessons were so depressing. :(