September 26, 2007

I feel icky

I woke up so sick this morning probably from the cookies and sherbet I ate yesterday. I'm hoping it's a good sign but it could be wishful thinking. I slept through classes because I couldn't pull myself out of bed. I think all of the stress of moving and trying to study for my big anatomy and physiology test on Friday is starting to get to me. We have started packing but there's still a lot to do. I hate that I have to throw everything into boxes instead of looking through it all and purging. Maybe when we unpack I'll have the time. Yeah right. Sorry I haven't been around to blogs this week, things are a bit crazy.


Kara said...

You really should drop the girls off here for a few hours so I can watch them while you pack and study and stuff :)

Kate said...

here's hoping it's NOT cookie/sherbet upset tummy for ya! :)