September 26, 2007

He's trying to be *helpful*

This semester I'm taking an online medical terminology class. Along with a book, I have a bunch of flash cards. Earlier today I was studying my cards by reading the words and then memorizing the definitions. I then handed them over to my husband and asked him to quiz me. So what does he do? He shows me the definition and expected me to remember the word. *Insert eyes popping out of head smiley* I told him I haven't learned them that way yet. He so graciously laughs and tells me he's *helping* me. Whatever. I think he was trying to be a stinker. ;)


Rich said...

I was too helping now you know bolth the definitions and the words. See wasent it nice of me. ;)

Michelle said...

Yes, thank you. But it would have been nicer if I had learned them that way first. ;)