August 13, 2007

Monday Movie Review

We watched some really good movies this past week. I hope you find one that you will like too. :)

"Hoodwinked" - This version of Little Red Riding Hood is so good! The squirrel that gets wired from coffee cracks me up. This is a must see if you haven't seen it already! 5 stars.

"The Seventh Stream" - This was strange. Not awful, but definitely strange. The story was about a seal that during the seventh stream could come on land and turn into a human. Well she does and someone finds her seal skin and she ends up trapped on land. It was an interesting story line of what the woman has to go through both good and bad. Not one I will watch again but it was ok this once. 2 stars.

"The World's Fastest Indian" - This movie is based on a true story about a man who came to the US from New Zealand to race his "Indian" motorcycle on the Salt Flats in Utah. What he goes through to get here and all the people that help him, it's an amazing story. The only part we didn't like was some of the language and the topics. 3 stars.

"Beauty & The Beast: A Latter Day Tale" - LOVED this movie and I had to buy it. Just like the title says, it's about a girl named Belle who ends up working for a man who everyone calls the beast due to his anger and temper. Some parts were a little cheesy because it was a low budget film, but I still enjoyed it. 5 stars.


Lei said...

Summertime is all about the movies at our house, too!

Kara said...

I've been wanting to see that Beauty and the Beast :) Glad to hear it's good.