August 09, 2007


Lei was kind enough to tag me for this 5 questions, 5 answers meme. I've done this one before but these are new questions so it will be fun to do again. :)

1) What has been your greatest accomplishment?

*This is a tough question for I feel I have many. One great accomplishment for me is when I had my last baby, I did it without an epidural. This was a great feat for me because I do not handle pain well. It was a proud moment.

2) Name one book that has had a profound impact on your thinking.

*"The Ten Virgins: Ten Women, Ten Stories, Ten Lessons For Our Day" by Emily Freeman. Kara gave me this book for my birthday and I've really enjoyed it. If you get minute, I highly recommend the read. It has helped me have a better perspective. I'll write a review on it another time.

3) Do you have any guilty pleasures?

*Ice cream. I love ice cream and could eat it all day if I wanted to gain 50 lbs. lol I finally found some sherbet that I love but doesn't have all the calories or any fat. Now I don't feel as guilty eating it. :D

4) What need does blogging fulfill in your life?

*Blogging for me is a release. My own little world to create and add to as I desire. I'm still trying to find my niche, but I love the adventure of getting there and then continuing on.

5) What is one thing people can appreciate about you?

*I'm kind and always will be. People don't have to worry about me blowing up at them or see me throw a huge fit. Even when I'm really upset, I will try to be kind and work through it.

Ok, my five questions for the five people I will tag:

1. What brings you the most joy in your life right now?
2. Where do you want to be in 3 years?
3. What's one attribute you want to improve?
4. Where is your ideal place to live and why?
5. Name one person that has had the biggest impact on your life.

I tag Nate, Richard, Rachel, Our Seven Qtpies, and Maren.

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Lei said...

thanks or playing! enjoy getting to know you better... i had a natural birth with my last, too!