September 05, 2013

Is it that close, really?

Someone told me recently how many days left there were before Christmas.  Over a hundred, I can't remember. I do remember however, thinking SHUT UP!  I cannot believe it's almost here again!  I LOVE the holiday and Thanksgiving too but it feels like we should still be in summer, not fall/winter.  I've heard stores have Christmas stuff out already, which doesn't surprise me, they usually do about now.  But still!  I guess I should be thinking about Christmas and what we can do this year.  I'm not working near as much as I was last year so I know things will be tight.  I'm not even sure what the kids want at this point.  Maybe a shure sm58 at musician's friend?  Or some new ponies?  Maybe some new dress up clothes? Music? Clothes? Er, probably not clothes.  Gee, now I'm feeling nervous that I don't even know!  Guess I should get a jump on that like all the stores...

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