March 28, 2012


We went on vacation recently and had a wonderful trip! We did have a few hiccups though, but what trip doesn't right? First, my husband was sick before we left. He's had a terrible cough for a few days prior and it didn't let up until two days before our vacation was over. At least it let up a little though! Second, we were sitting in a parking lot about to have lunch when a truck pulled in in front of us and actually bumped into our car. Not enough to damage his or ours but enough that it moved us. It was sad too because it was an older gentleman and I don't think he even realized he hit us. Third, we were doing some shopping and my youngest started to run around and fell face first onto the concrete floor. Poor thing! It was awful, so much blood came out of the crack in her lip. She bawled and bawled and I wasn't far behind her. Broke my heart! She's doing better though thankfully. Last, I hurt myself stepping out of the car. Yeah, stepping out of the car and I tweaked my pelvis. I've been in a lot of pain since and after a dr visit today, was told I have to stay off my feet for a week. Who knew you could cause so much pain by stepping out of the car?? I was put on painkillers to help and I hope they do because I can barely walk. So, other than all that, we did have a good trip. I'll talk more about it in another post!

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